Commercial Photography

We don’t photograph weddings, or babies or pets. Not that we have anything against them, it’s just that we prefer commercial photography. Which means we prefer to photograph people at work, in their work place. Such an actor on the stage or a baker baking bread. Urban landscapes and buildings too are particularly satisfying, both interiors and exteriors, which can range from the soaring perspectives of a Manhattan skyscraper, to the baroque interior of a European church, to a bustling street scene.

Just as satisfying is product photography, whether fashion or food, machine parts or perfume. Satisfying because of the technical challenges when dealing with reflections and depth of field. But it has to be said that an equally satisfying aspect of commercial photography is photographing real live people, and nothing better than an actor or model who is at ease in front of a camera.

So what we do tends falls into three broad categories: people, urban landscapes and commercial work (products and assignments) and much of it takes place on location, faraway, at the client’s workplace or in the studio. We use portable strobes, LEDs, beauty dishes, hot lights, soft-boxes, reflectors and flashes. Whatever it takes to get the shot. But most important of all is an experienced eye, concentration and the patience to wait for the right moment.

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