Video Production

Crucial to video production is the ability to really understand the clients’ needs – and to respect their budgets and deadlines. But even that is not enough. 

As video explodes across the web, competition for “eyeballs” gets greater, videos get more sophisticated and clients’ needs and expectations get higher – with the inevitable result that their films become more expensive and more complicated to produce. Yet despite ever-improving technology, producing videos won’t get easier (or cheaper) because progress is relentless.

People are increasingly used to seeing video every day, and demand better and more imaginative video. In short, whether a video film is created for marketing purposes, trade shows, fund-raising or training, it needs to be very well-made. And it is the job of an experienced video producer to advise his clients how that can be done, how targets can be met and how much it will cost.

The three videos are very different examples for different kinds of clients